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tv   SJSU Update News  KICU  September 12, 2010 12:00am-12:30am PST

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only at verizon. charge as president for san jose state.... at least for the ti a family face is back in charge. at least for the time being we will show you how he plans to take on new challenges this year. what students should anticipate and what choses they should amuch update newses starts now.
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from the school of journalism your source from what is happening on today's issues. you are watching update news. hello and welcome to update news. thanks for joining us. starting off the new year with a new president. the old president is coming this to fill in this until the whi the. more left. he is interim president and he is off the to a start. >> ' sense of ease and comfort obvious. the president is not a new face. from 2005-2008 he served as
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president advancing the school if two key areas. the library and the newly finished campus ville. now, for a second stint on campus his biggest problems are the budget crunches. >> we have to figure out ways to support them in the frame work or financial frame work we are in, and to be bold. however new students are worried about not getting into classes. >> san jose staten rolled 3,000 new freshman and it's unclear that they will allow new standpoints. the president is particularring to goals that they set for the new school year. on campus. update news. >> a former san jose student
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file add lawsuit over hazing the student that is attending another school said she was beaten, punched and paddled. the student is suing the university and fellow students. for more information on this, sysu associate vice president joins us from campus. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> what are the grounds for the suspension. >> if february of 2009 the student conduct and ethical conduct found that the so rearview mirror ority found that they had violated the conduct code. in had our records here at the university their group has never been sus expended before. they have had issues with their national before that has caused suspension. what is the university's policy
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on hazing. it is against the law. we take incidents of hazing seriously. it is important that they feel safe here on campus and at the your honor. things like hazing are important tuesday. is there any -- associate with the soroity t the ability of students to wear the letters is to up to the student. thank you larry car. >> sjsu associate vice president of affairs. four students have been convicted of hazing and sentenced to 90 days if jail. the university is making it
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easier to get disqualified and kicked out t university is making it's probation policy clearer than it has been. so students should know the rules. electrical engineering chris ladel was disqualified two years ago and is using this class to get back in. >> my experience is that when students understand what is expected of them they usually live up to it. >> the new regulations will make advising mandatory and will require a cap and will take effect fall of text year. construction crews are hard at work tearing down the old cafeteria building this week. >> now the state gearing up for
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a major upgrade. it has moved to hoover hall. students can eat in mcwery hall. >> it nice and clean the only thing i don't like is that it's kind of small. >> here students can purchase healthy choices such as organic snacks. >> so yeah. >> things are so fresh here. >> it's awesome. the three year project costed $64 million. it is funded by bonds that will be paid with student fees over the next 30 years. william sham, the director, said he does not expect an increase in the standpoint
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students fees. >> we have been paying the fees from that resources. >> new food court. book store ballroom and a theater will be part as part of the student union upgrade. official construction of the new structures will start in oak this year. the project is expected to be completed in june of 2013. >> finding a job after college can be stressful in these tough economic times but the campus career center is trying to make the process easier for students and throwing in a little fun. >> students at san jose state's open house got a bonus the first week of school. you fill out a profile and if you do it we give you a -- >> beyond the quacking, there was serious businesses inside. they wanted to show the students the many services
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offered. it has a new location this year. we are no longer in building f and we wanted to to make sure that people knew where we were located. counselors still try to meet the medians of all students. computer engineering major is new and he was excited to attend the school. >> i need to do a official job search. >> many students say they appreciate the career center services. >> i've gone and had he have helped have helped a lot with what the companies want. what is new this year is that they can go on line and make a
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point with a counselor. .mentses can can be made on line. >> 2 weeks having gone by students are looking for services to make sure college life easier. the health center on campus allows the students to get dental care and free condoms. another helpful program is srsu transportation solutions. workers are on hand daily to help with transportation questions. students have the ability to use the sports club to work out and participate in things like club sports as well as exercise classes. another semester is under way and students are settling into their routines but there's a lot on do on campus after class work is done. some of the choices available
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for students that want to get involved and make new connections. >> there is 338 recognized clubs and more than 150 were on hand at the student organization fair. cultural groups. professional and academic clubs, artest i can and recreational clubs. there's something for everyone. the club memberships can have academic benefits. >> studies show that students involved in a club or some sort of activity on campus do tend to graduate at a higher rate because they feel more connect to the university. >> but there's nothing wrong with also having fun along the way. for example. you might want to try muggle, quidditch. quidditch club president
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transcribes the game as a combination of soccer, water polo and dodge ball. we are not flying. we run with broom stick sticks so it's harder to move. and it's fun. the dancing is the movement you are looking for there's plenty of time for what as well. the salsa dance club, was established last spring. we don't see many students dancing in the clubs and so forth. so we are trying to get people to go out and mix with the community. you don't have to have any dance experience to join. classes are held every friday. students which is learn about the clubs that are on campus
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year round and there's no time point at when they can join a club they can join any time throughout the year. you can come to the office in clark hall for more information on joining a club or forming one of where our own. ledgeshe will be speaking about the immigration law and the new chicano civil rights movement. >> there's much more ahead on update news. we will listen to music on campus. the music you hear is coming from campus in san jose.
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>> firefighter awith the college football season upon us. the university will face three teams. here is a pop quiz about the interim president. >> president, san show taught, nope, don't know. >> i have no idea who the current president is. >> i think it could be some hispanic name maybe. >> or not. >> i have no idea. i know it some guy that is named whitman or whitmore or something. >> i have no idea. am i supposed to mow that. >> not even a a clue. not even a first name. won if about it's a girl or boy. >> some guy.
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steven fualk, i don't know. >> his name has an r in it. >> interim replacement. >> in case you didn't catch that, that last student was absolutely right. the community of san bruno is struggling to recovery from a explosion. it left death and destruction in it's wake thursday night. 2 evacuation centers are set up. it is unknown in any san jose students were effected by the clogs. students studying here heard sigh rones last week as the fires broke out. all injuries were minor.
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the fire started in the basement and burned up into the attic and the fire burned the sides of an apartment building next door. katie i hear we are having visit ors on campus? >> yes. all the music you've been hearing all over campus. you may have seen a couple of pianos in different spots. that is part of the zero one festival what returns for the third time this year. >> the pianos are part of a festival called play me i'm yours. there are 20 of them scattered throughout san jose. 2 of them are on campus. and they are all decorated differently and in some cases people have added their own art work. the pianos have stickers saying play me i'm yours and can one
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woman do d-just that. she did not want to give her name but she was more than willing to share her music. it is a project that has been touring all over the globe. and now here is san jose. part of the zero one festival, the theme is build your own world. and exhibits will be in different locations. already some exhibits are on display in the convention center about the museum of art. the festival will be from the 16th to the 19th. update news. the university announced this week that film maker michael moore will be speaking. he has a trademark style of
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tackling political issues and has a strong sense of humor he won an oscar for his film bowling for columbine, students will get their bids in the next couple of weeks. students are encouraged to get involved in a the community. the sjs freak system is made up of 35 groups. it folks on the ideals of service. the city will host the dahli, lama. next month. the leaderrer who is in exi'll
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exile, will be honored. the chinese government banned him from the country. and guy that does it for arts and entertainment. there's much more ahead on update news when we return. we will check in with the sports desk and have a little q special and a with the new football coach. we go to the press room and tells us who to expect. the women's soccer team hits the field with the first game of the season. students write letter home about the start of school year. deer mom and dad i'm hoping
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what the school year goes well. it gets me one step closer to be graduated. i swear i'm willing to learn. i do really need this degree can i just marry a rich guy. i'm freaked out about work can school and i'm missing the home cooked meals. i cry myself to sleep at night. it is a huge challenge to me because everything is so different. only two more semesters and is the job hunt begins. hopefully all goes well. please sent more money and cookies. love you. please sent me chocolate from time to time. it keeps me sane. that is what some sjs
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journalism students had to say. and russell michaels is here with sports. what do you have in store for us this week russell. >> the college season is upon us again. this may be the last chance for the san jose taught -- state fans to see the best 3 teams. three of the teams are set to leave following this season. leaving the conference with just 16. this decision is bringing surprise to those involved. >> the sports program will have to get used to playing in a conference without it's three most popular teams. boise state, and fresno state and nevada leaving. while boise state's departure
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was expected the other schools exits came as a surprise to some. >> fresno state and nevada, i think we were disappointed that they left. they had agreed to stay in the conference for a period of time. >> all 3 teams will stay in the wac through the season. when asked about the shifting of powers the new head coach did not want the to think that far ahead. the biggest loss to the conference will be boise state. but while many sports fans on campus may be disappointed about losing quality competition the future of the wac may not be so bleak. >> i think relax. we are okay. we will be fine. there's 6 strong teams in it. very good college and is we
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will draw other schools to it. >> recently the commissioner of the wac, carl benson announced that fresno state and nevada must pay $5 million each for failing to abide by an agreement that said both schools must stay in the wac in the 2016. not all football teams had the opportunity to open their own against the defending national champions. but san jose state about just that. >> fans of the crimson tide had one thing in mind. winning. 200 san jose state fans came to cheer on the spartans. >> a good game, by both teams. i think alabama of course is a
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super team but san jose state, we are going to do better than people think. >> a banner was signed and should travel with the team in hopes of about luck. the spartans and crimson tide were ready for the start of the game. the tide started strong with scoring a touchdown on their first drive and the spartans did the same but that would be their only points of the game. the final score was alabama 48 and san jose 3. despite the loss. the coach saw the fight in the team. third quarter was not that good of course. but they kept fighting and there's not a tired guy in there can and they fought as hard as they could. >> this is the second time that they opened up against the no.
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one team. although they did not win they have hopes of get ago win next week. update news. update news reporter melissa had the chance to catch up with the new head coach to get his how the on san jose's home opener against southern utah. already so the first opening home game against southern utah, how important is it to have fans and other people come out and support the team. >> it important. they are playing their first home opener. so they are excited about our team and we are excited about it and you know we are coming off two teams and he we are playing inventory of 100,000 fans. so we want to put on a good should show for them. what do you say to all the people that saw last season. what do you say to get them pumped up and the differences in this team team? >> i think this team is is a
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group of men that are fighting hard and improving every day and have a willing spirit to form well and represent their school really well. >> going into this season, do you have a main goal that you want to be accomplished in. >> i want us to you don't have every week and that's a big deal for us. can any special events planned for the first game of the season. i think they have a lot of things going on with grilling and things like that. i know they want all the freshman to be there. they want a freshman day. and we had take a break for that. >> san jose will take it's first home game at 5:00 p.m. at spartan stadium. the soccer team is off to a
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shaky start. the ladies took the field. it was late august and spirits seemed high and the crowd was excited as the women's soccer team came out to defend the wac championship title in the first home game. both teams came out strong. leaving the score one-0 at the end of the first. it was just under 3 minutes left. despite a loss. head coach said that losses don't always predict the seasons turn out. the 2009 season tarted off with 4 losses before going into a
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winning streak and taking the wac title. he said this year's conference is up for grabs. >> the conference is good in the that it wide open this year. he said that he hopes this team will not follow that same streak. we did not come out on the end we wanted to tonight. the next one hopefully will be on the right side. >> don't forget to catch it again on home turf. update news. the long wait is finally over for area football fans. the niners are feeling the pressure to finally recapture the nfc west crown while the raiders look to finish on the season. the niners kick off at 1:15:00
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p.m. while the raiders open up against the tennessee titans. that will do it for sports guys. back the to you. thank you very much russell. from -- that does it for this weeks edition of update news. thanks for staying up late with us. from here at update news. get rest and can we will see you next week.
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